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Welcome to the MIDODA Website

MIDODAAfter more than 10 years, MIDODA has finally taken the plunge. I’m so
pleased to announce that our association now has its own Web site:
www.midoda.com. I encourage all of you to check it out, bookmark the
site and use it often, as it can be a great resource to your business.
But only if you use it.

So, what’s available on the new MIDODA Web site? For starters, there
will be a complete member listing (more members are being added every
day). You can search by name, city, state or area code. You also get
contact information for all of the MIDODA board members. And, if you
know of someone who would like to become a member, a downloadable
membership form is also on the site. You can find information on all the
upcoming events and meetings, as well as dates for upcoming newsletters
(get your articles and/or ads in to us two weeks prior to publication).
Our links site will continue to grow, and you can help with that
endeavor by emailing us links to other sites that might be helpful to
MIDODA members (midoda@aol.com).

As a MIDODA member, you have the opportunity to have your own company’s
Web site linked from our site, at no charge. Please email us the name of
your company and your Web site, and we’ll get the information up on our
site just as soon as we can.

Enjoy the site – I appreciate feedback and suggestions – and make the
most of your new MIDODA Web site.


Allan Asp